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Synth, Dark 80s New Wave

, Remasterized videos ... not from youtube
Дата 28.03.2019 - 17:19

WOW Thanks a lot to all the people involved in these 80s videos
Please can you UPLOAD these ones:

SIOUXSIE "Monitor" "Melt""Dazzle" live 80's
Soft Cell "Martin" OGWT
Tears For Fears "Pale Shelter" from Rockpalast concert 1983
Depeche Mode "Nothing To Fear" and "See You" from concert 1982
Calebrate The Nun "She's A Secretary"
Schneebezen "Cant Remain A Friend"
Until December ... any videoclip
Kraftwerk "showroom dummies" "neon lights" videoclips
The Cure "Play For Today" videoclip
Xymox. Muscoviet Musquito

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