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Beats By Dre ( G18 Headphones ) Evaluation And Identification

Дата 16.12.2012 - 14:11

Cheap Beats by Dr Dre G18 recently in nondestructive forum and the MP3 forum is often out of operation! Its tone is really so down? In fact. At first I took it and has opened the CX200 fort. Compare different. No pot open before the demon sound only relative to spread the goods better, no thrust. Low frequency resistance is very serious. Too bad. But after 72 's purgatory was found two headsets effect is a Huashan media. The length of each. I can feel the charm of the headphones.The call to HIFI in the evaluation is not good. It is mainly depending on the appearance and wide range and resolution to win. If only passable. This means it is not suitable for classical music pop music. The headset and most have a fever stage into the ear! Have a terrible analytical ability. Frequency response quickly, without delay.Any sound unit without tri-band perfect each headset has prominent bands. If the pursuit of 3 frequency then the result is tri-band are not prominent.Magic itself is a genre to heavy stopper. What is magic, magic unit is two level dynamic membrane, the outer ring of 2/3 main effect at low frequency resonance, the inner 1/3 acting on the high frequency resonance. Enameled wire coil is located between the two. Creating a high span range unit. This is why magic can achieve low elasticity and can exhibit high frequency crystal. This is a lot of the same level of earphone miles away. But this design is lost if the full.Some people say G18 low-frequency no turbo. Ha-ha. Turbine what price? People are using biological fiber ring and the movable iron... Other than the... ( saying hated moving iron )Some are used to hearing ear hanging earphone people ( such as sea MX500 ) will feel listening ear voice will feel weak. Well, that's the thing.Ear advantage: high resolution, detailed, structuredHanging ear advantage: voice full, balanced sound field.The respective advantages and shortcomingsMX500 people are good, but the other voice sounds like a bunch of rub together glossy paper! Buzz...No personal preferences are different, can only say that each according to his lights...I love the PX200 ( - )The so-called no man is perfect, took the note in his hand feeling and new!The end: I'm a businessman, the title is written. The merchant is not here? The storm is expected or need more understanding of industry businessman...I am also a game player, is also a screen control, is also a music control.To spout for me please. Thank you.

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