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Shakatak - Discography (55 Cd Releases) 1981-2009 Mp3 320 Kbps

, дискография 55 CD 1981-2009 MP3 320 kbps
Дата 24.10.2012 - 15:08

Shakatak - дискография - 56 CD релизов.

user posted image

Жанр: Post-Disco, Jazz-Funk, Crossover
Производители дисков: UK, Japan
Лэйблы: Polydor Records
Года Выпуска дисков: 1981-2011
Количество треков: 56 CD (729 tracks)
Время звучания: 2д 05ч 41м 33с
Формат: mp3
Качество kbps: 320
Размер архива: 7.1 GB
Количество партов: 57
Залито на: depositfiles.com

Время, количество треков, битрейт каждого альбома см.ниже
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Архивы RAR Пароль (password): zzz0125


1981 Driving Hard (320) 96.3 MB (47м 08с)(10 tracks)
1982 Invitations (320) 77.5 MB (38м 23с)(08 tracks)
1982 Night Birds (320) 101.7 MB (44м 14с)(08 tracks)
1983 Out Of This World (320) 95.9 MB (41м 35с)(08 tracks)
1984 Down On The Street (320) 87.7 MB (38м 35с)(09 tracks)
1985 City Rhythm (320) 95.4 MB (47м 36с)(11 tracks)
1985 Live! (320) 138.2 MB (59м 58с)(11 tracks)
1986 Into The Blue (320) 88.0 MB (44м 04с)(11 tracks)
1987 Golden Wings (320) 96.2 MB (41м 50с)(11 tracks)
1987 Never Stop Your Love (320) 124.5 MB (55м 19с)(13 tracks)
1988 Da Makani (320) 129.0 MB (56м 03с)(13 tracks)
1988 Heroes of Popmusic (The Very Best Of)(320) 147.8 MB (65м 06с)(14 tracks)
1988 Manic and Cool (320) 122.3 MB (61м 09с)(14 tracks)
1988 The Coolest Cuts (320) 176.7 MB (77м 54с)(19 tracks)
1989 Night Moves (CD 1991)(320) 145.6 MB (64м 07с)(15 tracks)
1989 Niteflite (320) 122.3 MB (53м 55с)(14 tracks)
1989 Turn The Music Up (320) 120.5 MB (53м 05с)(12 tracks)
1990 Fiesta (320) 115.4 MB (50м 25с)(11 tracks)
1990 Perfect Smile (320) 108.9 MB (55м 32с)(13 tracks)
1991 Bitter Sweet (320) 104.4 MB (46м 09с)(10 tracks)
1991 Open Your Eyes (320) 124.5 MB (54м 26с)(12 tracks)
1991 Utopia (320) 97.4 MB (51м 24с)(12 tracks)
1992 Christmas Dreams (320) 109.1 MB (48м 02с)(13 tracks)
1992 Remix Best Album (320) 157.5 MB (68м 18с)(14 tracks)
1992 Street Level (320) 94.8 MB (49м 02с)(12 tracks)
1993 Christmas Album (320) 115.5 MB (60м 39с)(16 tracks)
1993 Under the Sun (320) 98.9 MB (50м 23с)(12 tracks)
1994 Full Circle (320) 119.5 MB (61м 36с)(13 tracks)
1994 Let's Start Over Again (320) 161.7 MB (70м 08с)(17 tracks)
1997 Let The Piano Play (320) 122.4 MB (54м 09с)(13 tracks)
1998 Live At Ronnie Scott`s Club CD 2003 (320) 171.7 MB (74м 34с)(15 tracks)
1998 Shinin On (320) 101.3 MB (50м 37с)(12 tracks)
1998 The Collection (320) 163.7 MB (70м 59с)(18 tracks)
1998 View From The City (320) 122.8 MB (53м 15с)(12 tracks)
1999 Drive(Jazz) In The Night(S&F UK)(320) 138.0 MB (61м 21с)(14 tracks)
1999 Jazz In The Night (Shakatak & Friends)(320) 141.6 MB (62м 53с)(15 tracks)
1999 Magic (320) 94.2 MB (46м 46с)(11 tracks)
2001 The Collection Vol 2 48 kHz (320) 180.4 MB (78м 45с)(16 tracks)
2002 Dinner Jazz The Smoothest Hits (320) 168.8 MB (75м 03с)(18 tracks)
2002 Smooth Solos (320) 158.8 MB (74м 07с)(15 tracks)
2002 Under Your Spel (320) 125.7 MB (54м 31с)(13 tracks)
2003 Blue Savannah (320) 123.2 MB (54м 01с)(12 tracks)
2004 Easier Said Than Done CD1 (320) 111.5 MB (48м 12с)(11 tracks)
2004 Easier Said Than Done CD2 (320) 109.5 MB (47м 26с)(07 tracks)
2004 Sunset Jazz (320) 169.7 MB (76м 19с)(17 tracks)
2005 After Dark (320) 166.9 MB (75м 09с)(17 tracks)
2005 Beautiful Day 48 kHz (320) 121.6 MB (53м 11с)(13 tracks)
2005 Drive Time (320) 164.3 MB (72м 08с)(17 tracks)
2007 Emotionally Blue (320) 127.1 MB (55м 45с)(13 tracks)
2008 The Ultimate Collection CD1 Cruisin 48 kHz (320) 174.8 MB (75м 50с)(16 tracks)
2008 The Ultimate Collection CD2 Steppin 48 kHz (320) 170.9 MB (74м 10с)(18 tracks)
2009 Afterglow 48 kHz (320) 125.3 MB (54м 14с)(13 tracks)
2011 Across the World (320) 119 Mb (53m 59s)(13 tracks)

Bill Sharpe (Shakatak) :

1985 Famous People (Bill Sharpe)(320) 136.7 MB (59м 24с)(12 tracks)
1989 Automatic (Sharpe And Numan)(320) 124.6 MB (54м 08с)(12 tracks)
1998 State of the Heart (Bill Sharpe)(320) 125.2 MB (54м 20с)(10 tracks)

INFO - папка с картинками, обложками и другой информацией 28 MB

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2011 Across the World (320) 119 Mb (53m 59s)(13 tracks)
INFO - папка с картинками, обложками и другой информацией 28 MB
Дата 13.03.2014 - 10:01

Shakatak - Live At The Playhouse (2005) DVD5
user posted image
Video: PAL, MPEG-2 at 4 425 Kbps, 720 x 576 (1.333) at 25.000 fps | Audio: AC-3 6 channels at 384 Kbps, 48.0 KHz
Genre: Jazz, Funk | Label: Snapper Music | Copy: Untouched | Release Date: 22 Aug 2005 | Runtime: 144 min. | 4,06 GB (DVD5)

Shakatak have enjoyed a level of success and a career longevity rarely paralleled in contemporary popular music - but then they are a particularly unusual group. Because of the nature of the music, their fan base is one that is very far reaching while always retaining it's 'underground' element.This paradox sees the band, who are known primarily as serious jazz-funk musicians, enjoying both high 'cult' status and instant recognition as a household name.Having garnered massive commercial acheivements in the UK, Shakatak went on to score unprecedented success in Japan, and then throughout the world. Their music simply refuses to be categorised.In the early 80's they were the first group to successfully fuse the elements of jazz, latin and funk into popular music on their debut album 'Drivin' Hard', and they went on to acheive the perfect blend of these influences with the classic track 'Nightbirds' from the album of the same name. On this specially filmed live concert in front of an invited audience of Shak-fans, the 'Nightbirds' track is extended into a long jam session while still keeping it's essential character. The follow up album 'Invitations' is represented here with the title track kicking off the show, leading to a string of vibrant versions of the early hit songs including 'Easier Said Than Done', Day By Day' and 'Street Walkin', as well as one of the newer songs 'Sunshine'.The up-tempo 'Don't Say That Again' turns the Epsom Playhouse Theatre into a Rio De Janiro night club, as the band storm through this latin fire-cracker, and then the beautiful ballad 'Lonely Afternoon'is exquisitly performed by lead singer Jill Saward, leading intoBill Sharpe's piano solo of quiet reflection.George Anderson's thunderous bass guitar announces the arrival of the second half of the concert, and he is soon joined by drummer Roger Odell as they kick into a groove which demonstrates the strong under-pining of all of Shakatak's music.So here is the cool musicianship, the sophisticated harmonies, the rhythms that just won't stop, the songs that over a twenty year period have been in the background of our day to day lives, but also it's plain to see that as a live band Shakatak have few equals. The 'serious' side of the band is left behind in the recording studios, and on stage the energy, the communication, and above all, the sheer joy of making music together, comes bounding overthe footlights straight into the cameras and the faces of the audience.So. ..sit back, relax, and enjoy the experience of Shakatak live in themoment.

Artists: Shakatak
- Jill Saward: Vocals
- Keith Winter: Guitar
- Bill Sharpe: Keyboards
- George Anderson: Bass
- Roger Odell: Drums

01. Invitations [5:59]
02. Easier Said Than Done [5:19]
03. Sunshine [4:33]
04. Street Walking [4:58]
05. Day by Day [5:42]
06. Under Your Spell [3:49]
07. Don't Day That Again [5:03]
08. Lonely Afternoon [5:07]
09. In Shadows [2:44]
10. Bass and Drums [3:05]
11. Dark Is the Night [5:44]
12. City Rhythm [4:22]
13. You Are [4:27]
14. Mr Manic and Sister Cool [5:18]
15. Brazilian Dawn [6:30]
16. Night Birds [16:17]
17. Let the Piano Play [5:15]
18. Down on the Street [6:52]

- Interview
- Soundcheck

- Direct Scene Access
- Interactive Menu




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