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Va - Chillout In Blue (smooth Relax Beach Lounge Music) (2012)

Дата 15.06.2012 - 21:23

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Artist: VA
Album: Chillout In Blue (Smooth Relax Beach Lounge Music)
Label: Ragimusic
Year: 2012
Genre: Downtempo, Lounge, ChillOut
Quality: 320 Kbps
Format: mp3
Size: 292 Mb

[hr] Tracklist:

01. Great Gig in the Sky (Moon Floyd Beach Mix) - Noisy Blue
02. Nightingale Express (Lounge Cafe Sunset Reissue Instrumental) - Mobile Factory
03. Kiss the Sky (Cafe del Mar Sunset Vocal Mix) - Hotplay
04. Chill Del La Mer (Blank Cafe Relax Mix) - Lullaby Lounge
05. People Can't Stop Chillin (Cafe Costes Buddha Del Mar Hotel Mix) - Guru Sax
06. People of Ibiza (Sunset Chillout Cafe Mix) - Ragi Del Mar
07. Seaside Love (Tom Schiller Night Mix) - Moongarden
08. Le grand crome (Monte Carlo Love 2 Air By Night Mix) - Nouvelle Roux
09. Out of Reach (feat. Carl Harris) [Somebody That I Used to Know Mix] - Massive Gold
10. Stars (Retro Chill Under the Sun Mix) - Sevastopol
11. La mer se calme (Original Lounge Mix) - Moon de Lounge
12. Flawless Harmony (2012 Ambience Mix) - Blue Crisp
13. Moments in Love (Chill Mix) - Milews
14. For a Moment (feat. Rainfairy) [Sunset Kandi Lounge Mix] - Massive Gold
15. Wonderful Life (Sometimes It Hurts Mix) - DJ Lounge del Mar
16. Bora Bora Island (Chill Cafe Dreams Del Mar) - Aloha from Hawai
17. The Divine Puppet (Cafe Jazzy Del Mar Mix) - JazzyJazz
18. The Sound of Silence (feat. Sara Keys) - Simon Bareilles
19. Aurora (Extended Mix) - Thomas Lemmer
20. From Singapore to Ibiza (Tribute to Café del Mar Mix) - Shakrag
21. Back Together (Back to December Lounge Swift Mix) - Loca Taylor
22. Rainy Days in Shanghai (Buddha Cafe Del Mar Bar Mix) - Shakrag

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