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Status Quo

Дата 21.03.2012 - 14:55

Status Quo - Anniversary Waltz (Part 2)
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Heaven Cat
Дата 1.09.2012 - 13:30

Status Quo - Going Down Town Tonight Top Of The Pops 1984

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Heaven Cat
Дата 18.09.2012 - 20:21

Status Quo - Marguerita Time Top Of The Pops 1983

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Heaven Cat
Дата 22.01.2013 - 11:58

Status Quo What Your'e Proposing 1980 TOTP

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Дата 30.06.2013 - 02:17

Цитата (VILLI2014 @ 21.02.2012 - 20:45)
Status Quo - In The Army Now
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Обновите пожалуйста ссылку rolleyes.gif
Дата 30.06.2013 - 21:10

Цитата (horn27 @ 30.06.2013 - 00:55)
Обновите пожалуйста ссылку rolleyes.gif

Дата 1.02.2014 - 01:18

Status Quo - In The Army Now (From Formel Eins)
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( http://rusfolder.com/39681590 )
Дата 26.02.2014 - 09:54

Status Quo - Live at Wembley Arena (2013) BDRip
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Artist: Status Quo, Francis Rossi , Rick Parfitt , Alan Lancaster, John Edwards , Bob Young
Album : The Frantic Four Reunion 2013 [Live at Wembley Arena]
Genre : Rock, Hard-Rock, Blues-Rock, Rock-'n'-Roll|Country: Germany , Edel
Year : 2013|Time : 1:30:52|Video : BDRip, MKV, H.264, 2517 kb / s, 856x480, 23.976fps., 0.255 bit / pixel, (16:9)
Audio : 640 kbits, AC3 ( 6 ch)|Size: 2 GB

Status Quo concert at Wembley Arena in March 2013 . Status Quo - British rock band based bassist Alan Lancaster and guitarist Francis Rossi in 1962 in London , England. Group remains popular and remains active to this day. Status Quo deserve their reputation is excellent , live performances and professionalism !

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01. Intro / Junior 's Wailing
02. Backwater
03. Just Take Me
04. Is There a Better Way
05. In My Chair
06. Blue Eyed Lady
07. Little Lady
08. Most of the Time
09. (April) Spring, Summer and Wednesdays
10 . Railroad
11. Oh Baby
12. Forty - Five Hundred Times
13. Rain
14. Big Fat Mama
15. Down Down
16. Roadhouse Blues
17. Don't Waste My Time
18. Bye Bye Johnny


Дата 14.04.2014 - 22:02

Status Quo - Rain
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( http://rusfolder.com/40425683 )

Status Quo - When You Walk In The Room
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( http://rusfolder.com/40427888 )

Status Quo Again and Again
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( http://rusfolder.com/40428132 )

Дата 14.04.2014 - 23:49

Status Quo - Caroline (Live At The N.E.C. May 14th 1982)
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( http://rusfolder.com/40428800 )

Status Quo - Runaway
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( http://rusfolder.com/40429328 )
Дата 16.04.2014 - 11:13

Status Quo - Live At The BBC (2010)
user posted image
Video: NTSC, MPEG-2 at 6 729 Kbps, 720 x 480 at 29.970 fps | Audio: AC-3 6ch. at 448 Kbps, AC-3 2ch. at 192 Kbps
Genre: Rock | Label: Universal | Copy: Untouched | Release Date: 25 Oct 2010 | Runtime: 133 min. | 7,47 GB (DVD9)

Status Quo are one of Britain's longest-lived bands, staying together for over 40 years. During much of that time, the band was only successful in the U.K., where it racked up a string of Top Ten singles across the decades. In America, the Quo were ignored after they abandoned psychedelia for heavy boogie rock in the early '70s. Before that, the band managed to reach number 12 in the U.S. with the psychedelic classic "Pictures of Matchstick Men" (a Top Ten hit in the U.K.). Following that single, the band suffered a lean period for the next few years, before the bandmembers decided to refashion themselves as a hard rock boogie band in 1970 with their Ma Kelly's Greasy Spoon album. the Quo have basically recycled the same simple boogie on each successive album and single, yet their popularity has never waned in Britain. If anything, their very predictability has ensured the group a large following.
The origins of Status Quo lie in a London-based beat group called the Spectres. Francis Rossi (vocals, guitar) and Alan Lancaster (bass) were the core members of the Spectres from their inception; within a few years, the band had added drummer John Coughlan and organist Roy Lynes. the Spectres released three unsuccessful singles before changing their style to psychedelia and adopting the name Traffic Jam and releasing the unsuccessful single "Almost But Not Quite There." After it flopped, the group added Rick Parfitt (guitar, vocals), formerly of the cabaret band the Highlights. When Parfitt joined the band in August 1967, the group again changed its name, this time to Status Quo. At first, Status Quo backed British solo artists, including Tommy Quickly, while working on their own material. "Pictures of Matchstick Men," the group's debut single, was released at the beginning of 1968 and quickly shot to number seven on the U.K. charts; within a few months, it was a number 12 in the U.S. as well. The immediate follow-up single, "Black Veils of Melancholy," was a flop, but "Ice in the Sun," written by former British pop star Marty Wilde, became Status Quo's second Top Ten hit in the fall of 1968. Over in America, the single barely registered, squeaking to number 70; it was the last time the group would ever chart in the U.S.
For the next year, Status Quo tried to replicate the success of their first two singles with similar psychedelic material, but they had little luck. Finally, they revamped their sound and jettisoned organist Lynes in the summer of 1970, debuting their new heavy, bluesy boogie rock with the single "Down the Dustpipe." The single reached number 12, yet the full-fledged hard rock album Ma Kelly's Greasy Spoon didn't gain much attention. Status Quo began playing concerts regularly across England, slowly building up a strong following in England. Following well-received sets at 1972's Reading and Great Western festivals, the band became a hot property. the Quo signed with Vertigo Records and their first single for the label, "Paper Plane," cracked the Top Ten in early 1973, while their first album for Vertigo, Piledriver, reached number five. Later that year, Hello entered the charts at number one, while its accompanying single, "Caroline," reached number five. Also in 1973, keyboardist Andy Bown, formerly of the Herd and Judas Jump, became the band's unofficial keyboardist.
Throughout the '70s, each album Status Quo released went into the Top Five, while their singles including the number one "Down Down" (1974), "Roll Over Lay Down" (1975), "Rain" (1976), "Wild Side of Life" (1976), and a cover of John Fogerty's "Rockin' All Over the World" (1977) consistently hit the Top Ten and frequently went gold. Since they were experiencing a great deal of success, they didn't change their sound at all, they just kept churning out the same heavy boogie. America basically ignored Status Quo, yet their eponymous album managed to chart at 148 in 1976. Nevertheless, they were an English phenomenon, and England continued to support them even when pop music was undergoing drastic changes in the late '70s.
Following the release of 1980's Just Supposin', drummer John Coughlan left the band in 1981 to form his own group, Diesel. Former Original Mirrors drummer Pete Kircher replaced him; his first appearance with the group was 1982's Never Too Late. During the early '80s, tensions escalated between bassist Lancaster and guitarists Rossi and Parfitt, who were the group's main songwriters. Lancaster left the Quo after performing with them for a final time at Live Aid. He subsequently took Rossi and Parfitt to court to prevent them from using the name "Status Quo." Lancaster lost his battle, and the name became the property of the guitarists.
Once the lawsuit was settled, Rossi and Parfitt assembled a new band, hiring bassist John Edwards, drummer Jeff Rich, and keyboardist Andy Bown, who officially became a member of the group. The new lineup continued Status Quo's remarkable success, as they racked up a number of new Top Ten singles and hit albums, as well as consistently selling out concerts across England and Europe. In 1994, the group had its second number one hit of its career, with the football anthem "Come on You Reds"; the single was recorded with the football champions, Manchester United. By the mid-'90s, Status Quo had scored 50 British hit singles, which was a greater number than any other band in rock & roll history.
In April 1997 Parfitt underwent quadruple heart bypass surgery but fully recovered and continued performing and recording with the Quo in the years to follow. Drummer Rich departed the band in 2000, replaced by Matt Letley, who has continued on with the band in the 21st century. The single “Jam Side Down” was a Top 20 hit in the U.K. during 2002, a year that also saw the release of the critically acclaimed Heavy Traffic album. The all-covers outing Don’t Stop arrived in 2004, followed by The Party Ain’t Over Yet in 2005 and In Search of the Fourth Chord in 2007. In 2010 the Quo returned with Quid Pro Quo. The album which featured 14 newly written songs peaked at number 10 on the U.K. album chart. Two years later, Parfitt and Rossi announced that they had filmed their first full-length feature film. Bula Quo hailed as a modern-day version of the Blues Brothers was released in the summer of 2013, with its soundtrack arriving just a few months earlier.

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01. Caroline
02. Roll Over Lay Down
03. Backwater
04. Little Lady
05. Don’t Drive My Car
06. Whatever You Want
07. Hold You Back
08. Rockin’ All Over The World
09. Dirty Water
10. Down Down
11. Don’t Waste My Time

TOP OF THE POPS (1968-2005):
01. Pictures Of Matchstick Men [15th February 1968]
02. Caroline [27th September 1973]
03. Down Down [23rd December 1975]
04. Mystery Song [15th July 1976]
05. What You’re Proposing [9th October 1980]
06. Rock ‘N’ Roll [17th December 1981]
07. Dear John [1st April 1982]
08. The Wanderer [25th October 1984]
09. Rollin’ Home [15th May 1986]
10. Red Sky [7th August 1986]
11. In The Army Now [2nd October 1986]
12. Dreamin’ [1st January 1987]
13. Burning Bridges [8th December 1988]
14. Let’s Work Together [3rd October 1991]
15. Jam Side Down [16th August 2002]
16. Rockin’ All Over the World [13th September 2002]
17. The Party Ain’t Over Yet [18th September 2005]
01. Francis and Rick Interview with Bob Harris [Old Grey Whistle Test 27th November 1984]
02. A Mess Of Blues [Saturday Superstore 19th November 1983]
03. Marguerita Time [Little & Large Show 5th January 1984]
04. Can’t Give Anymore [Wogan 28th August 1991]
05. Old Time Rock ‘N’ Roll [Jim Davidson Presents 7th July 2000]
06. Roadhouse Blues Medley [Live From Amsterdam 1st October 1992]
07. Rock ’Till You Drop Medley [Jim Davidson's Generation Game 21st November 1998]

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http://www.uploadable.ch/file/Vnr4vsdTxp4p/Status Quo - Live at the BBC (2010) DVD9.part1.rar
http://www.uploadable.ch/file/JXKMfKmcBBZz/Status Quo - Live at the BBC (2010) DVD9.part2.rar
http://www.uploadable.ch/file/wF6uQnTnkE8C/Status Quo - Live at the BBC (2010) DVD9.part3.rar
http://www.uploadable.ch/file/X4YFk9maaXVV/Status Quo - Live at the BBC (2010) DVD9.part4.rar
http://www.uploadable.ch/file/ZMgVghnqvKNq/Status Quo - Live at the BBC (2010) DVD9.part5.rar
http://www.uploadable.ch/file/f5kAXjATwwy9/Status Quo - Live at the BBC (2010) DVD9.part6.rar
http://www.uploadable.ch/file/UxdkYga4ax2F/Status Quo - Live at the BBC (2010) DVD9.part7.rar


Дата 20.05.2014 - 11:42

Status Quo Pictures Live At Montreux (2009) DVD9
user posted image
Year: 2009|Genre : Hard Rock, Rock'n'Roll, Boogie Rock
Time : 02:22:00|Video : DVD, PAL 16:9 (720x576) VBR
Audio : ENG (Dolby AC3, 2 ch), (Dolby AC3 6 ch), (DTS, 6 ch)
Size: 8 GB

The last album was released in November 2008 and celebrated its 40th anniversary hit hit after hit in the British national charts. As a result, the album "Pictures" ranked 8th and sold over a quarter of a million in the UK alone . In July 2009, Status Quo came to Montreux in the framework of his tour in support of the disc and made ??the famous Swiss festivale.Status Quo are one of the most successful and the most influential musicians on the groups with the shores of Albion . This DVD has appeared after the last disk of the collective , "In Search Of The Fourth Chord", released on September 15 Eagle Rock .

user posted image
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user posted image

Tracklist :

01. Caroline
02. The Wanderer
03. Rain
04. Don't Drive My Car
05. Mean Girl / Softer Ride
06. Beginning Of The End
07. Is There A Better Way
08. Proposing Medley:
- a) What You're Proposing
- cool.gif Down The Dustpipe
- c) Little Lady
- d) Red Sky
- e) Dear John
- f) Big Fat Mama
09. Pictures Of Matchstick Men / Ice In The Sun
10. The Oriental
11. Creepin' Up
12. In My Chair
13. Living On An Island
14. In The Army Now
15. The Killer (Drum Solo)
16. Roll Over Lay Down
17. Down Down
18. Whatever You Want
19. Rockin' All Over The World
20. Junior's Wailing
21. Rock 'N' Roll Music / Bye Bye Johnny

1. Quo In Montreux
2. Rossi Cam: Down Down & Roll Over
3. Parfitt Cam: Whatever You Want & Rain



Дата 24.01.2015 - 19:32

Status Quo - Pictures Of Matchstick Men (TOTP 1968)

user posted image


Status Quo - Caroline (TOTP 1973)

user posted image


Status Quo - Down Down (TOTP 1975)

user posted image


Дата 25.01.2015 - 00:42

Status Quo - Rock 'n' Roll (TOTP 1981)

user posted image


Status Quo - Dear John (TOTP 1982)

user posted image


Status Quo - Rollin Home (TOTP 1986)

user posted image


Дата 31.01.2015 - 22:33

Status Quo - Burning Bridges (TOTP 1988)

user posted image


Status Quo - Dreamin (TOTP 1987)

user posted image


Status Quo - Let's Work Together (TOTP 1991)

user posted image



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